Face mask featuring Aboriginal Artist Leonie Kamutu- Dog dreaming- Ikuntji Artist

  • $25.00

 Titled Dog Dreaming.

Ikuntji Artists was the first art centre established for women of the Western Desert art movement. It was started at Haasts Bluff by the Luritja women as their own enterprise to earn money and continues to be a place for women and men to learn and share their culture through art.

 Leonie was born in the bush at Ikunytji (Haasts Bluff). Her mother was Malyungka Nangala and her father was Kamutu Tjungarrayai. Her mother said she was from Tjukurla in WA. Leonie is the younger sister of Long Jack Phillipus Tjakamarra’s first wife, Susette. Leonie sees herself as the ‘younger auntie’ of Long Jack’s eldest daughter Charlotte Phillipus. Leonie attended school at Papunya. Her first husband was Dalton Abbott Ngala Bangarta, with whom she had two daughters. She had seven children with her second husband Kenny Lillius (b. 1951) of whom Kayleen Lillius is the eldest. Kenny was the brother of Kiwirrkura Chairman Jimmy Brown. Leonie says she is now on her own. She has many grandchildren, some of them married with children of their own. Leonie’s Dreaming is Kanparraka or centipede. Kamutu’s dreaming was Mala (wallaby) and the country at Tjunginpa. Nyuman was her father’s and grandfather’s place, which is the place for the Dog Dreaming and the orange lizard Dreaming (Lingakurra). Her father’s brother was Tjungarrayi Kingsley, who was one of the first painters at Papunya in 1971. 

Her sister Tilly Napaltjarri and her both learnt painting from their father’s brother.